Customs Clearance

With increasing customer requirements and in line with the strategic vision of MCL, a supporting company was established to facilitate customs clearance operations in the United Arab Emirates and Iraq both for import and export operations.

Customs clearance can be a nightmare for many. Whether you are looking to send a shipment to a business partner that may be on the other side of the globe or want to receive a shipment yourself, you get into a fix wondering how you are going to get your cargo cleared. With us at MCL, you have nothing to worry about. All you have to do is give our professionals a call and let us know about the specific product you are looking to import. With us, you can send your shipment and have it cleared or get the product you are looking for seamlessly.

Our specialist in customs clearance in Dubai will have a consultation with you. Based on this, we would bring you tailor-made solutions so that logistic demands are met in the best way possible. Our team understands that every process of the supply chain is important. In this way, we go above and beyond to make certain you get the best service possible.

The best customs clearance company in Dubai for all your needs

Our services include:

  • Represent clients during customs assessment and examination
  • Put together documentation to make certain export and import is possible
  • With a complete database that makes it easy for cross-referencing of shipments, orders, and products
  • Understand the entire process so that you never have to worry about getting the best solution possible

In this way, we assist you in understanding customs clearance requirements, providing you with all the necessary information and guiding you so as to avoid any kind of delays. This will also help you avoid any unnecessary costs.

With us at MCL, you can know for a fact that customer satisfaction is kept at top priority. We see that proceedings are as transparent with the customer, as possible. This is why we help you at every step of the way. Right from the initial consultation all the way to confirmation of delivery, we see that we have your back at all times. We keep you updated about all of the stages that go into customs clearance so you are never left in the loop during the entire shipping process.

All you have to do is contact us

Through our dedicated team of experts, we aim to make sure that your cargo and packages reach the required destination in the best way possible. We help you with commercial invoices, certificates of origin, packing statements, authorization letters, health certificates as well as prior approvals and permits. You can get in touch with us, at MCL, for whatever you need and we will ensure that you have everything sorted promptly and meticulously.

All you have to do is give our customs clearance company in Dubai a ring and let us know your concerns. This ensures you are also at peace knowing that your cargo and packages are in safe hands. So what is stopping you? Schedule an appointment with us and we will handle the rest whether it is for your commercial or personal shipments.