MCL: For a Skilled and Prompt Shipping Company in Dubai

Looking for a customer-centric approach that caters to your every need so that you can deliver items in a timely manner? Do you require international shipping as well as a seamless service in Dubai and all over the UAE? We, at MCL, make certain that no stone is left unturned when it comes to offering you the best and most systematic shipping experience. The professionals at our shipping company in Dubai are extremely dedicated to making sure you are satisfied with the shipping order. This is because for us, nothing matters except a content customer who is happy with the services we bring you.

What our shipping line in Dubai has to offer you

We have a dedicated team of experts who make certain safety is never compromised. We ensure that all factors right from the packaging to the shipping are performed impeccably. This leaves little if no room for fault. You can so be assured that all of your shipping needs are met in a careful and considerate manner.

Cargo And Freights

Cargo And Freights

MCL provides carefully detailed services to its customers from handling regional shipping operations and transporting goods from the United Arab Emirates to coordinating large-scale shipments in international markets.

The company currently has four transport vessels and more than 4,000 containers operating scheduled and non-scheduled trips to transport cargo and freights from the ports of the United Arab Emirates


Superior quality shipping

We lay specific emphasis on commercial presence. We schedule, put together, and manage each and every aspect of the shipping operation to all the prominent ports. Our team makes certain that we stay true to market demands as well as your individual preferences. In this way, you can seamlessly know that shipping is conducted in a manner that works to your advantages and your product is delivered in the best possible condition efficiently.


Top-notch warehousing

We are among the top shipping companies in UAE that strive to put forth an integrated approach. We bring you an array of transportation as well as shipping alternatives. This enables you to carefully select from the wide range of options so that you can go in for the one that best suits your requirements. You can pick from short-term and long-term contracts. Accordingly, we let you decide on how to go about shipping from then on. We bring you customized and shared warehouses depending on what you are looking for. If you want, we also give you guidance on the right course of action to be taken.


Seamless packaging

We are a Dubai shipping company that offers packing services in strategic locations. We do this all over the UAE and we do this promptly. Right from assembling the parts that are required for delivery to packing so that all aspects are sealed in the best way possible, we do it all. Right from installation and pasting of veneers to packaging the final boxes, we see that the faith you place in us is never broken.


MCL Vessels

MAG Container Lines operats owned fleet of 4 vessels and run other chartered ones to cope with market demands. Supported by a big fleet of dry & special equipments to meet customers' needs and satisfaction.


MCL Is The First Pioneer Line Serving Iraq (Abu Flous, Umm Qasr) From Worldwide.

Our Customers

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All of our well trained and experienced professionals make use of superior quality materials. In this way, processing as well as the preparation of goods and cargo for shipping is performed after adhering to the highest international as well as local standards.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give us a call whenever you want to get in touch with us and we will see to it that our services for your chosen shipping line in Dubai never lets you down. For all your shipping and packaging needs in the UAE, head to us. We are a United Arab shipping company that makes certain you get what you need so that your package is delivered in the most brilliant and successful of conditions.

The foundation of success is to have a clear and well-established vision driven by a strong and persistent entrepreneurial spirit, as the clarity and firmness of the vision and objectives of the company is supportive of its strength and guarantor of its continuity and promising a bright future.